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REDSTAR Video Light in acction

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RedStar Video Light

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Light-For-Me GoPro Video Lighting System

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Valve for drysuit

Inflation valve for drysuit with implemented electronic switch for heated vests

Valve for drysuit

Inflation valve for drysuit with implemented electronic switch for heated vests

Great video from Slawek Packo with REDSTAR video light

Latest on Facebook Redstar Video Light in Abanian cave.
Irena Stangierska photography first shaft in cave viroit | albania RED STAR VIDEO This is the video from a dive in underground water reservoir (Lodz, Poland) with RedStar Video Light in action.
Water reservoir Łódź Stoki Old underground water reservoir in Łódź Stoki NW7 head in action - Dorothea Quarry, Wales - depth 80m. Light-for-me NW7 light head - up to 4800 lumens, changeable light focus: narrow 6 degrees, wide 70 degrees and both combined. Light For Me as one of the sponsors at TEKCAMP 2015 2 x Redstar Video Light on the camera. Video by Anders.
DS Sao Paulo 2015 Bergen Historien : Sao Paulo kom til Norge lastet med krigsmateriell samme med de tyske invasjonsstyrkene 9.april 1940. Sao Paulo hadde med seg 57 kjøretøyer, 21 mo... Redstar Video Light during dive trip to Albanian's caves ...
Irena Stangierska photography cave skotini | albania RED STAR VIDEO New PIEZO switch for Goprofesional Video Set is already in production. New flexible cable available for custom orders . New development is almost done .. New video set for GOPRO with accu built into. GOPRO Video light with IQSUB GOPRO 4 Housing Compact solution for high quality underwater videos ... UK's distributors work hard with us to supply new NW7 to customers :)
Underwater Explorers, UK Have you checked out the two-in-one wonder NW7? Replenished and ready to go, thanks to our friends and LFM. REDSTAR VIDEO LIGHT photographed by Irena Stangierska photography
Irena Stangierska photography cave emergence du ressel | france | RED STAR VIDEO LIGHT One of greatest underwater photographers Irena Stangierska photography using REDSTAR VIDEO LIGHT
Irena Stangierska photography thanks for LIGHT-FOR-ME.COM | RED STAR VIDEO LIGHT cave fontaine de truffe | france NW7 Head 4800 lumens - variable angle of light. NW7 head at 70m. Video made by Tomasz. Demodays on Zakrzówek quarry. Cracow, Poland. New NW7 Head
NW7 Head Variable angle of light This video is about vobster maj Now access to our products is even easier. New website for Customers and Retailers. New head in action NW7 4800 lumens 50 Wat , variable angle of light ... NW7 Head - variable angle of light... 7XPE Head in new design. Avaliable now. A short video showing the work of NW7 light head in the narrow and wide mode. A new head may work as narrow (5 degress), wide (70 degrees) or both modes together. Total lumen output 4800, 50 Watt. Available now in RCA or E/O version.
NW7 on Vobster This video is about NW7 on Vobster Backup Mini TEC .

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- 7XRE 2400 lumens 5 degres very narrow cold light -
- 7XML 8600 lumens 13 degres medium beam cold light -
- 4TEC 1400 lumens 5degres very narrow cold light -
- TEKONE 2700 lumens 4 degres light sarber cold light -
- 3XML ALEXANDRA 3600 lumens 13 degres medium beam cold light -

- ACCU XS 14,4V 4,4 Ah Li-Ion cels protected -
- ACCU S 14,4V 6,75 Ah Li-Ion cels protected -
- ACCU M 14,4V 11Ah Li-Ion cels protected -
- ACCU L 14,4V 21 Ah Li-Ion cels protected 2 outputs -
- ACCU E/O 14,4V 11Ah E/O cord Li-Ion cels protected mechanical switch -
- ACCU NANOPHOSPHAT 12V 10.5Ah Li-FePo4 cels for heated vests -
- Backup 3XPG 1000 lumens output medium beam 3xCsize bateries -
- Backup Tec 350 lumens output very narrow beam 3xCsize bateries -
-Backup XML 1200 lumens output narrow beam 3xCsize bateries -
-Backup MINI 3XPG 1000 lumens output medium beam 1x18650 Li-Ion accu -
-Backup MINI TEC 350 lumens output narrow beam 1x18650 Li-Ion accu -
-Backup MINI XML 1200 lumens output narrow beam 1x18650 Li-Ion accu -
-4XPG HAND TORCH 1600 lumens output medium beam 2x18650 Li-Ion accu -
- Gopro Video Lighting System 1800 Lumens -
- 3XML Video 3600 Lumens -
- 3XML Video 3600 Lumens E/O cord -
- Goprofessional Video Set 7200 Lumens E/O cord -
- REDSTAR 14400 Lumens Video Light -
- Red Focus Light - Ultra Violet Light- Joint ball arms - Butterfly connector -